Science Traceability Tool

Science Goals Science Objectives Measurement Requirements Instrument Requirements Projected Performance Top-Level Mission Requirements
Physical/Chemical Parameters Observables
Broadly defined outcomes that increase knowledge and/or understanding of a scientific question, hypothesis, or phenomenon. Verifiable results, typically in the form of data and/or information, that must be credibly realizable (measurable) through the design and implementation of a mission, and that contribute significantly to the attainment of one or more Science Goals. Specific and measurable quantities, qualities, states, conditions, or combinations thereof that characterize or provide data or information about a system, object, or configuration of matter and/or energy in a manner that achieves or addresses one or more Science Objectives. Particular qualities, quantities, or characteristics of a given Measurement Parameter that can be measured, quantified, or understood using a specified instrument, sensor, device, or system. The performance required from a specified instrument, sensor, device, or analysis system (typically, limits of detection, measurement range, resolution, immunity to interference, and other such metrics) in order to record/ measure the Observable aspect(s) of a Measurement Parameter so as to provide results that partially or fully satisfy at least one Science Objective. The anticipated/ expected performance of a specified instrument, sensor, device, or analysis system that can be proven or demonstrated by the design, modeling, analysis, and most preferably, through the directly measured performance characterization of the instrument or system in a mission-like environment. Projected Performance should exceed the directly related Instrument Requirement by a margin consistent with uncertainties in the instrument, processing system, measurement, mission implementation, and environmental conditions. An overarching set of requirements levied upon a mission and its design, informed by the complete set of performance-related aspects of the mission’s planned implementation, that impact, support, and enable the Instruments, Sampling Systems, and their operation and measurement processes to function and perform according to the stated Performance Projections and thereby achieve the Science Objectives, and, in so doing, address all Science Goals.
Is there evidence of past or present life in the solar system? Select biosignature
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